May 17, 2012

Alexander challenges incumbent in Senate District 10 bid

Longtime Laramie resident and economist Anne Alexander filed papers with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office Thursday, seeking election to the Senate District 10 seat in Albany County. Read the full release »

Hi, I'm Anne Alexander

Anne Alexander

My name is Anne Alexander and I’m running to represent the residents of Wyoming’s Senate District 10. I’m a 20-year resident of Laramie and a lifelong registered Republican.

Please join me as I work with you to develop our future path to meet the needs of our county and the great state of Wyoming.


Small Businesses: Wyoming’s Economic Engine

96% of Wyoming’s businesses are small businesses employing nearly 65% of our workforce. Since the recession, these businesses account for over 50% of new private-sector jobs created in Wyoming.

Diversifying our economy from the grassroots level is the key to attracting more businesses to Wyoming. This starts with supporting existing businesses, ranches, and farms, along with developing policies that are supportive of new business creation.

Encouraging Wyoming businesses to expand their markets both domestically and internationally, and bolstering their growth in the state, will be crucial in stabilizing our economy in the long term.

Wyoming Flag

Common-Sense Health Care Policy

Medicaid spending at the state level will continue to rise rapidly because of skyrocketing health care costs in general. We must examine reducing health care costs to the citizens, businesses, and taxpayers of Wyoming. We must also work with our health care providers and citizens to find health care solutions that make sense for Albany County's unique needs.

Wyoming's Energy Industry

Wyoming Flag

Adding value to our natural resource base is imperative. Our mineral and renewable resources bring valuable jobs and economic activity to our state. Many of Wyoming's citizens work hard every single day to develop these resources to their fullest value.

However, our resources could increase in value if we support and adopt sensible policies focused on responsible mineral extraction and alternative energy development, while keeping an eye towards conservation of Wyoming magnificent wilderness.

We cannot discount the contribution of fossil fuels to Wyoming’s economy, nor can we discard the opportunity to research and develop clean energy within our borders through state-of-the-art facilities already operating at the University of Wyoming. Wyoming has the ability to be a leader in providing new pathways to responsible energy development nationwide. It is my goal to advocate for these policies in the Wyoming Senate.

Laramie, WY

Municipal Development and the Laramie Aquifer

We must have a conversation as a community about the best way to protect our families’ drinking water while continuing to support economic activity and growth within Laramie.

We need to find a solution that will support protection of the valuable Laramie Aquifer as a resource. That solution must be informed by the best science and the needs of our residents.

Any process must be open and transparent to the people of Wyoming, and must balance the role of the state and municipal governments in protecting precious resources within our communities.